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How it Works

Rent a booth, get a vendor number, fill out some paperwork, stock your booth, and we sell it for you. You don't even have to be here.

Rent and No Commission

Our rent is a $1.50 a square foot inside with no commission and a $1.00 a square foot in our sun-rooms with no commission.


We handle all sales tax and our sales tax is only 5%.

Credit/Debit Card Fees

Our Credit/Debit Card fee is a flat 4% and is charged to the Vendor, but only if the item is purchased with a Credit/Debit Card.

Optional Electric fee

There is an option to use electrical plugs in your booth it is an additional $10 per month for each vendor Not Per Booth, This is optional and you can have it added on or removed at any time.

Term of Contract

There is no long term contract commitment required. Booths are rented month to month. We simply require a thirty day written notice.

Other Benefits we have to offer

Mall Central


Mall Central is an online service we utilise. It allows a vendor to go online and check their sales daily. We upload sales by 7:00 pm central time every night.

Optional Vendor Storage


We have a limited amount of optional vendor storage. It runs at $50 per 12 x12 area.

Everything is Digital


All purchases are done through a computer using a program called SOS Mall Software nothing is hand written.

Tax Rate and No Commission


We charge no commission because we believe what you sell is your hard earned money. Also, our tax rate is only 5% so it saves our customers a little money.

Tips for Being a Successful Vendor



They should always include your vendor number, item description and price. We also ask you to include your booth number to better help us place items back in your booth that we find misplaced, but you are not required to include booth number. There are no rules or regulations on the type or size of tag.



Your booth is your area so you can decorate and paint however you like. We always recommend you keep your booth clean and full. The more items you have in your booth the more you can sell. We also recommend selling a variety of things. The more different types of items you offer to sell, the more customers you can reach.



We advertise using Facebook, Instagram, and have joined the Antique Trail. There are pictures posted on the Facebook and Instagram weekly of different booths and Items. We do encourage all vendors to like, follow, and share our social media and help us by posting their own pictures.

Contact Us

Got any questions, Interested in being a vendor, contact us.

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Better yet, see us in person!

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